VirtualSpaces: A Year in Review

Posted by Abhijeet Naik at 2017-12-28 08:08:50

VirtualSpaces: A Year in Review

Investing in a real estate is very personal and there is a lot of consideration and relying on imagination that has to be done before one purchases a condo. Now, many real estate property developers still rely on traditional marketing tools like videos, newspaper ads, tv, social media etc. But all those tradional marketing lacks a major component of selling a real estate property and that is the true experience of being there without the property even built. It sounds magical isn’t it? Let me tell you it is magical. And beside just being magical, its immersive and give’s your visual cortex of the brain a magical tinge that you are actually physically present in your dream house.

We want to provide the experience of selling real estate properties using the next generation of technology and combining fundamental principles of relatively older technology. Now, for a real estate property developer, this combination makes selling so much more easier by transporting the consumer into a virtual world and showcasing multiple floor plans and designs at a gentle tap.

When we began with Virtual Reality, which is at a early stage of tech curve, there were number of challenges, which were fun to overcome. Achieving photorealism on mobile Virtual Reality using real time rendering techniques was one of the major challeges that we were most excited about and it helps in the decision making process for the property buyer.

Video below is where we were and where we are now in the last gasp of 2017. Check out the improvement in resolution & clarity, the surreal photorealistic rendering?—?all on mobile VR devices! Boy, are we excited to welcome the new standalone HMDs in 2018!

VirtualSpaces: A Year In Review: 

We are looking forward for an amazing and innovative 2018. 

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