Why Us?

VirtualSpaces Value Proposition

Mobile Technology

Easier scaling on Mobile Technology. Non-Tethered & cheaper


Virtual Reality-As-A-Service: Cloud based solution with updates being sent OTA

Free World Navigation

One of the few Mobile VR applications providing ability to navigate freely in the Virtual World as opposed to “Teleportation”

Resolution & Clarity

Superior Resolution & Clarity on Mobile VR Technology

On-Demand Content

Working on a proprietary automation solution to reduce TAT (from 2D AutoCAD drawing to an “immersive” Virtual Reality tour) dramatically.

Real World Geometry

Identical to Real World objects, scaled and rendered in Real Time

Data Security

Store Architects and/or Real Estate Developers designs in a safe and secure way.

Why VirtualSpaces?

Reasons to engage with VirtualSpaces

  • Sell everyday of the week: No more dependency on weekends!
  • Ease your customers' pain: Take the property to your customers’ location
  • Amazing new technology: Virtual Reality
  • Untethered Mobile Virtual Reality: Built on the Mobile VR platforms so that there are no entanglements
  • Patented technology for Real Estate
  • Visualize a space during the design phase and immerse your clients for a “feel” of it
  • No more dependency on imagination: Get an immersive feel and “walkthrough” the entire space
  • Eliminate “model/show apartments”
  • Increase cost efficiencies
  • Showcase more designs and/or Floor Plans to your clients
  • Let your clients "walkthrough" your Master Plan
  • Enable Interior Designers to be able to showcase their designs in Virtual Reality
  • India's first member of VR/AR Association
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True VR & 360° stereoscopic photos

Immersiveness and “presence” in virtual content is a truly great experience. But, the term “Virtual Reality Experiences” is getting confusing as there are more 360° photos/videos out there as compared to real time, immersive content. With the 360° content which is currently available in market, one cannot truly experience the actual “presence” or feeling of being somewhere else because one cannot walk freely in the virtual world or get the sense of size, scale, depth and height. We have defined the term "3° of Immersion" which contains the following important criteria which we believe constitutes True VR. These are:

  • Interaction with life like virtual objects in Virtual World
  • Ability to freely navigate around the Virtual World, i.e. without disappearing in one location and magically appearing in another
  • Get a better sense of Scale, Size, Depth and Height
VirtualSpaces: Virtual Reality